Photosynthesis is a unique third-person plant-life simulator, where you start as a seedling and grow into a full matured tree. Plants need food to grow, to get food you need water and a light source, then in these conditions your plant starts producing food and when you have enough (100 food points is needed) you finally grow into your next stage. This process is called PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

You get water from puddles which also replenish over time, when you have water you need be in direct contact with a light source. You cant be standing in shadow.  At night you can use lamp post's light as a source.

To increase the food producing rate you can collect fertilizers. To protect your self from enemies (pests) keep that pesticides bar up.

Chlorophyll is your health. You get hurt by insects and other pests. Chlorophyll gets restored at every stage of growth.



  • WASD to Move.
  • Mouse to Look.
  • Scroll Wheel to Zoom In/Zoom Out.
  • Space to Jump.
  • Shift to Sprint.
  • ESC to Pause.


Designer - RED_KAY! 

Programmer - Alpenglow, RED_KAY!, Island

Artist - Arvid

Music - Alpenglow

Keep in mind that this game was made for a game jam and in limited time. Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.. Join our discord to take part in the development -


Photosynthesis 34 MB
Photosynthesis - 55 MB

Development log


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