A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Ludum Dare 41 submission.

Caroyale  is an online multiplayer Battle Royale  + Racing game where you race to come in top to survive the subsequent rounds. The "circle" is the race track itself which shrinks as rounds are completed. If you run out of fuel you get eliminated, if you're not in the top list before a round ends you get eliminated. Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!

A lot of the major bugs have already surfaced and I'll be getting back to work to fix them. Please view this build as a concept idea and provide feedback and suggestions. Let's make this game together!? Join here: https://discord.gg/WvGbau5

It's a 20 player game so if there's not a lot of people playing you might not enjoy. Joine our Discord to play together when everyone does. We announce time slots there when anyone can join to play. It also helps us to collect feedback. https://discord.gg/WvGbau5

A lot of the things weren't implemented due to the time constraint, like Mario Kart like pickups, Burnout like takedowns few other action stuff. Stay tuned as we implement those.

  • Controls:
    WASD - move.
    ESC - Menu.


Caroyale 0.0.1.rar 31 MB
Caroyale 0.0.1 - MAC.zip 44 MB

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