A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Power Town, a happy little town where a colony of robots live, is powered by a “Golden Battery”. This battery powers all the robots and their homes, but eventually gets stolen by the evil Dr. Merdioneth. As a result of this theft, the town blacks out and all the robots start to weaken and die.

You get into the evil doctor’s dungeon to retrieve the Golden Battery, you fight guards, sneak past them, and finally reach the “Golden Battery”. When you find the battery the doctor appears with your girlfriend whom he kidnapped and brainwashed. Fight your girlfriend, restore her and return with the battery home.


Power Town is a top-down shooter where your goal is to reach the golden battery in a procedurally generated dungeon. Your “power” (or health) is very crucial in this game as it decreases based on everything you do like movement and shooting. You can restore some amount of power by taking “Green Batteries”. You vision will decreasing with your power, so be smart.

The dungeon is patrolled by guards you can either kill them or sneak past them to save some power. When you reach the “Golden Battery” you have to fight the boss. To defeat the boss, destroy the pylons.


  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Look
  • Left click - Shoot
  • ESC - Go back to the main menu from any screen.
  • Space Bar - Skip dialogues.
  • There’s a toggle on right bottom of your screen which toggles between movement types. So choose the one you like.


  1. RED_KAY! - Discord / Twitter / Instagram
  2. A Lim (Music Composer) - Twitter / Facebook / Website
  3. Moonlight Bomber (Story and Designer) - Twitter
  4. Arvid Nygren (Artist) - Twitter

Please provide feedbacks, suggestions and your ideas and rate this game. We tried to do the best we can in 72 hours now we need you to develop further!


Power Town - Final.rar 25 MB
Power Town - Mac Universal.zip 43 MB
Power Town - Linux.zip 45 MB